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Twice Dead: The True Death and Life Story of Roman Gutierrez

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When Roman Gutierrez was eleven years old, his father died from a heroin overdose. Roman resolved, in his anger and his pain, that someday God would take him the same way. He became an addict, went to juvenile detention for stealing a year later, and attempted suicide the year after that. At fifteen he got into a fight and was pronounced dead for six minutes. At nineteen he was stabbed by his best friend and pronounced dead for five minutes.
When Roman was twenty-five, he shot up all the heroin he had so his torment would end . . . and realized he didn't want to die.
That's when a miracle occurred . . .

Author:David J. Drum
Product Dimensions:4.8x7.8x0.4
Publisher:Kidwell Publishing
Publish Date:3/15/2008


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