CFM Conference
July 2016

Welcome to WordGrub!

WordGrub is proud to present our online shopping technology ... it's more than just a "website"! Please indulge us as we take a moment to highlight some of our shopping features.

• Instant Cart: Add items to your cart instantly with no page reloading.
• Product Presentation: Our new product presentation page includes a larger product image, and makes the popup smaller when viewing on mobile devices.
• Mobile Devices: Speaking of mobile devices, the site has been designed for a comfortable shopping experience on tablets, and includes a completely separate mobile experience for phone-size devices!
• Product Blocks: We have completely re-engineered our main page by using our homemade side-scolling product block. You can focus on the products you're interested in without distraction.
• Shipping Packages: Similar items are grouped into separate packages, and each package can have its own shipping method.
• Easier downloads: Downloadable products are much easier to purchase and download.
• One-Step Checkout: All checkout info has been summarized in a simple format making checkout for existing customers incredibly quick and easy!
• Saved Payment Types: Saved payment types are not only convenient, they are far more secure. There is no more need to transmit your payment details for every order. Just select your saved payment method, and we'll do the rest in the backend. And you can rest assured that all payment details are stored with a complex encryption algorithm to safeguard your sensitive information.
• Search: The search feature can locate products, categories, and any content on the site. And it is always conveniently located in the permanent bar at the top of the page for easy access.

So much more

Do we need to mention the makeover? WordGrub is now "prettier" than ever including print-ready emails and order display.

Tech-saavy users might be interested to know that the backend technology has been built from the ground up as a "WEB2" application. Shipping estimates, tax calculations, quantity pricing, and more are done real-time using JSON objects via Ajax.

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